Hero’s Who They Are, And How We Percieve Them

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This record will cover the dissimilar types of hero’s that we have in the world. Why we put them up to a higher standard? Lets start with our young men and women in our armed forces these are just some of the unsung hero’s that are in our everyday life. We as people of America owe our every day life to these heroic people they give of their time and often their lives defending what we all believe in free time justice freedom the best right of all the first amendment. These people that give their lives to service of our country. These are the people that spend every day production life and death decisions that influence the every day life that we live.

Hero's Who They Are, And How We Percieve Them

These are the men and women of our armed services that have served or will serve. These young people that are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan or have served in Korea Germany and all the other places that our young men and women are serving nearby the world today. I believe owe these people a belated happy memorial day. Thank their parents for letting them do their job. I hope that some day that all our forces where ever they be are will be reunited with their families very soon come home. That they never to have to go to war again. This is for all the heroic men and women who have served and died or have been hurt in any war thank you all.


These are the most heroic of hero`s there are because they give of their lives so that so many can prosper and ask for nothing in return. But respect and commitment to those they serve and protect.

Now lets contemplate hero`s that we see in your general everyday life. You have all the people that were involved in 911. These are just some of your every day hero`s that dedicate their lives to production sure that you are safe. No matter where you go their all nearby you . These every day hero`s are your policemen and women your firemen and women.

You have the doctors who save lives of those involved in 911 Plus that serve in our federal departments . These are also your general every day hero`s. They all put their lives on the line in their jobs to protect and serve. They take on the worst potential situations in their jobs. Have to deal with murder, rape, child abuse ,and death. They see so much of the worst that our society has to offer we should always be great full. Never forget that we need to thank god that these heroic people are there for us.

Now you have just the general every day type of hero that never draws concentration to themselves.

Their either salvage your life from some perilous situations that arise. These are regularly the base every day general man standing next or living next to you. These base everyday general people always find a way to make sure that their there when you most need them. They just react with out any regard for their own lives. So that you may live to see an additional one day. You will always find some who will regularly help. Without regard for them selves .Your probably the one who will next do the same for some body you don`t know. This is what makes our country such a great when nation. When you are in trouble, There is always some that will commit to do the heroic deed. Just when you do not think they will. We always seem to rally nearby each other in times of need. But why do we not think this every day.

Now you have your most unsung hero`s of all. Those are the people that commit their lives as parents . Mothers and Fathers are your most unsung hero`s of all. Because they do their heroics by production sure that you grow up. Then you are able to face life as and adult. You are able to pass this honor to your children with that same heroic commitment. There are also those mothers and fathers that take care of our special children that are born with inevitable types of terminal illnesses or handicapped. These special people spend their whole lives taking care of these children A special shout to those parents that care take of these children. That are never going to grow up because they are die of some sickness like cancer or some other disease. We can not treat or cure these children. Just how heroic are these parents? So are their children they know that are never going to grow up. They live to enjoy the things we take for granted. They never quit on life until the last breath goes out of them. God bless them and their parents they are truly the most unsung hero`s of them all.

Finally you have our athletic hero`s, They are the ones we probably remember the best. Because they do all the things we use to dream doing about. When we were kids. They are the guy or woman who put in that game winning basket. Hit the game winning home run to win to the game in their last at bat. They are the man who throws the game winning touch down. Catches it or runs it in for a touch down. These are just some of your hero`s. But maybe we are all just hero`s trying to get through life one day at a time. I hope that you find this column not only informing. I hope entertaining. Thank you. As always with much respect and commitment.

Hero’s Who They Are, And How We Percieve Them


What to Look For In A Helmet Camera

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Do you know what to look for in a helmet camera? There is a large choice of helmet cameras that have hit the market. When you are looking to purchase a helmet camera you’ll need to look any features to make sure it is the right one for you. If you are complicated in sports such as snowboarding, skiing, parachuting or any other outdoor operation a helmet camera will give you a great view of the action. Getting mobile and recording these activities will be a fun way to show citizen exactly what you see. But when inspecting the distinct helmet cam products you’ll want to think the following.

What to Look For In A Helmet Camera

Battery packs are highly important because you want to make sure you have the power when you need it. Because an extreme sports you may not get a second chance. Usually you’ll have a join choices in battery configurations. The single 9 V pack is a slight smaller and Usually can run for 15 to 20 hours before changing out. There are also Aa packs Usually with big batteries but they appear to be a slight bulky and don’t last as long. The life of the Aa packs are Usually 5 to 7 hours. Believe it or not the potential of your recording highly depends on the power that is being supplied.


Knowing what to look for in a helmet camera and the recording expedient you have is important. Make sure that your recording expedient is datable of dubbing from other video sources. If this is true you will have no problems working with the helmet camera. And you may be able to use a digital camcorder or any other type of personal media player.

The cheapest connectors are not all the time the best. Usually when you go cheap on connectors it will give you a bad signal in very poor video quality. So you want to make sure that she spend a few extra dollars bill with a higher potential connector. Storing all of your equipment along with connectors should be thought about because you’re not sure exactly what temperatures and weather conditions you’re going to run into. Make sure to have plentifulness of warehouse space ready for recording device, extra wires, and battery packs.

When purchasing a helmet video camera you’ll also want to edit and share the videos. Is the camera user friendly and being able to edit video. So being able to download in a format that can be compatible to your editing program. So video editing is what to look out for in a helmet camera to make sure to have a great stock at the end.

Using online to learn what to look for in a helmet video camera will save you hours shopping at brick-and-mortar places. Do all your investigate on the Internet this way you can assess the distinct helmet camera products and get one that will be specifically for your activity. One thing to know is the economy you go in most cases it will be a lesser potential camera. Something to remember is this camera will be bruised and battered and it will need to keep on working.

What to Look For In A Helmet Camera

selecting the Best Hd Video Camera – Details You Need to Be Aware Of

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Life’s precious moments are just too prominent to miss. Our memories are too short and too undependable in remembering the prominent occasions and events that mark our lives. In this day and age of contemporary technology, it is best to rely on high definition video cameras to store our moments for us.

selecting the Best Hd Video Camera - Details You Need to Be Aware Of

Buying an Hd video camera is a long-term speculation for practically everyone (except possibly for the techie who just cannot stand not getting the next big thing) and as such shouldn’t be rushed into. Careful notice is needed in choosing the best Hd video camera around. How do you pick out what’s right for you and get the most value for your money?


Before buying your high definition camcorder, you must first rate what you are going to use it for. The features you need are going to depend on the kind of use you will have for your camcorder. This is prominent because price depends on the features a video camera has. If you’re simply going to use your digital camcorder to tape your personal or your family’s moments, then you’re just probably going to need to shell out 0 or less for an entry-level version. However, for more developed features, you can expect to fork out over a thousand dollars. Also, how an Hd camcorder records video is other factor to consider. If you’re mostly going to just be shooting regular everyday scenes that do not involve fast-motion, then a 1080i (i stands for “interlaced video” which basically records every other line of resolution) would serve you well. However, if you’re going to be filming a lot of activity scenes like sports activities, for example, you might prefer a 1080p (p stands for “progressive scan video” which records every line of video without skipping). The latter gives sharper images.

Lenses also matter in your decision. The optic zoom ratio of the Hd video camera of your choice is an prominent factor to think in your purchase. optic zoom refers to how close your camcorder can capture the activity even if you’re some distance away. A 10x optic zoom should be sufficient for most purposes, however, if you’re going to be using the video cam heavily, a greater optic zoom ratio is always an advantage. Take note that an optic zoom is distinct from a digital zoom that only enlarges the image.

Another factor you need to also keep in mind is that the Lcd screen must still give you a clear view of what you’re filming even in direct sunlight. There are some Lcd screens that don’t do too good a job at this which could lead to a lot of frustrating moments. You might also want to get one which has the capacity to take videos even in low-light conditions, which could come extremely beneficial if you’re using your camcorder to film evening occasions or events when days are cloudy.

Finally, if you’re going to be doing a lot of computer editing with your Hd video camera on your computer, you’re going to have to include upgrading your computer’s processing power in the cost, too, since high-definition videos also need greater number of computer disk space. If you’re computer is a bit antiquated or already nearing full, you’re Hd videos might not play properly, if at all.

selecting the Best Hd Video Camera – Details You Need to Be Aware Of

Snowboard Leashes

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The snowboard leash is just an additional one security feature that has been incorporated into the sport of snowboarding. It is just a strap that fastens to the snowboard on one end and to the rider’s leg or boot on the other end. The snowboard leash is designed to keep the board and the rider together at all times, even in the event of a wreck. The snowboard leash helps to sacrifice the risk of runaway snowboards.

Snowboard Leashes

Many resorts and courses that are now available today for the boarder indeed want that the boarder where a harness at all times. You used to be able to get by without wearing one, but remember this is an additional one security aspect when it comes to boarding and we are looking an increase in the numbers of resorts, courses, etc that are now requiring the boarder to wear the strap.


The board harness is fully designed to do just the opposite of what the normal ski leash does. With skiing, in the event of an accident, the harness is designed to break away from the rider allowing them to be separated from their skis. The boarding strap is designed to do just the opposite. Because of the aerodynamics of the board and the fact that the rider does commonly gain altitude and high speeds, the leash is designed to keep the board with the rider so that it doesn’t fly off and hit person or ruin someone’s property.

Board leashes are available in distinct lengths. This is indeed for several reasons. A longer rope allows the rider to carry his or her board with her while still being attached to it. In the event, that they are walking up a hill and they slip and fall, the board will not go back down by itself. It will still be attached to them. Shorter leashes don’t allow this type of flexibility. You will have to unbuckle yourself from the board in order to walk up the hill.

Board leashes are commonly made of nylon, which is a strong material. There are distinct types of closures that are available as well as distinct lengths like mentioned previously. You can also get the leashes in distinct colors and styles that can help to reflect your personality or to match your clothing or board. The prices on the leashes vary from brand to brand, but they are inexpensive, especially for being a security device. You can buy a snowboard rope for as limited as , but as with anything else, depending upon the brand that you buy, they can become more expensive.

With the rope in mind, don’t forget to buy a lock. These too are fairly inexpensive and can range from nearby all the way up to almost . These strap locks can help to get your snowboard to anything if you happen to have to leave it for a while, like when you go to the bar or the restroom. They are basically the same idea of a bicycle lock. They are commonly made of a coiled steel cable and a composition lock.

Snowboard Leashes

Drift Hd170 Stealth action Camera retell

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Drift Innovation most recent helmet camera is the Hd170 Stealth. This is hot off the heels of their well received Hd170 operation camera. Like the Hd170 the Stealth shoots 1080p video onto Sd cards and comes with a 1.5″ Lcd for preview and playback, giving everything a rapid sports videographer wants in a small package.

Drift Hd170 Stealth action Camera retell

You can reconsider the Hd170 Stealth camera to be more of an evolution than a revolutionary stock for Drift Innovations. Why fix it if it ain’t broke, right?


The Hd170 Stealth cam tweaks some of the features of the existing Hd170 which itself was loaded with useful functions.

The new Drift Hd Stealth is the rejoinder to what many citizen have asked for in a helmet camera. Lcd preview, rotatable lens, Hd recording, wireless remote, many adaptable mounts, external microphone support.

The new Drift Stealth solves many of the problems operation videographers have demanded an Lcd for preview and great sound support.

Solves two of the major problems with most current helmet cameras. One of the biggest issues is the lack of an Lcd for preview meant wasted time mounting and either bringing a computer to preview or missing the shot. No previewing meant that users had to guess, trial and error when framing the shots.

Audio ability has always been a bit of hit and miss for helmet cameras; clipping and wind noise often mar otherwise pristine video content.

The new Drift Hd170 Stealth is the only helmet camera on the store that has all the best point of view video features like a rotating lens, 1.5″ full color Lcd screen, wireless Rf remote and more.

Main Features:

– both 720p and 1080p Hd video recording

– Embedded 1.5″ color Tft Lcd screen to preview what you are going to shoot and characterize video

– wireless Rf remote control to turn the camera on / off either it’s mounted on your gear or exterior your vehicle

– super wide 170 degree field of view so the camera captures an large peripheral view, enhancing the feeling of speed

– 4X zoom

– rotatable lens up to 300 degrees

– wide f/2.8 cleft for great performance in low light

– still photo 5mp with Photoburst Mode

– Night mode exposure adjustment for optimal performance in low light conditions

– Solid black color

– ability to shoot pro ability level slow motion 60fps video

– water resistant

– built in mic and speaker with connector for external mic support

– Mounts for helmet, goggles, handlebars and other sports gear is included in the box

Main Differences With The Hd 170:

-now has many more frame speed options for Hd resolution video

-25/30/50 and super level 60fps in 720p

-25/30 fps in 1080p

-professional seeing rugged black enclosure

With the new Hd170 Stealth you get what the customary Hd170 should have been for about the same price. Now it is a wholly competing camera with extras over the other 1080p operation cameras.

Drift Hd170 Stealth action Camera retell

Go Pro Hd Cameras

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High Definition cameras have today moved much beyond the level of straightforward Hd Digital cameras. They are now being used to report high speed images for any sport or performance and also to be able to report for posterity the joy and exhilaration of all sports.

Go Pro Hd Cameras

Today Hd wireless cameras are being used by amateurs and professionals alike. Every sport or performance can be filmed or photographed in a specialised manner so that every nuance of that performance can be recorded without losing the sense of speed or competitiveness. The surf Hd cameras can be attached to a surf board without losing the equilibrium of the board. Just visualize the images which succeed from a surf Hd camera, the sense of the rushing water, the speed and twists and the turns of the entire surf.


Motorsports and activities such as go-karting can also be filmed with the help of a vehicle mounted camera. These are no ifs ands or buts attached and despite the speed and the roar of the area colse to them, they are able to take spectacular, videos, with sound.

Helmet mounted wireless Hd cameras are being used to send back instantaneous on the spot images and videos of any performance that is being filmed. These are light in weight and can no ifs ands or buts be attached to headstraps, so as to give a handsfree experience.

Go Pro Hd Cameras are among the finest in the world and they are carefully to be among the pioneers in this segment of cameras. They have the world’s top operation wearable video and still 1080p cameras.

Every Hd camera of the Go Pro range has been advanced for professional use, but they have prices which are much lower than the professional cameras available in the market. Their cameras have been advanced by their team of researchers who are all avid sports enthusiasts and their passion for outdoor sports combined with their fantastic innovative minds have resulted in some of the finest Hd wearable cameras in the world.

The Hd cameras are all wearable, shockproof and waterproof digital cameras. Normal Hd cameras are too heavy and too bulky, and they do not have the adequate speed to be able to report the speed of any races or sport activity. The Go Pro range offer you three different Hd resolution options, 1080p, 960p and 720p so that you can capture images in any mode and from any angles. You can set them for single shots, sequential shots or for the primary self timers

The cameras come with varied types of mounts which enable them to be mounted on any covering anywhere. You are also offered varied other elective accessories in case you have a special requirement for a mount. The no ifs ands or buts installed mounts give you the selection of entertaining them fast to take images from varied angles and positions.

The housing of the cameras are extremely engineered polycarbonate ekoskeletal housing. Waterproof, and tough adequate to safe the cameras from a spill on concrete floors, they also have the potential to safe the camera from water and bad weather.

Go Pro Hd Cameras

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Go Pro With a professional Camcorder on Black Friday 2009

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It’s just a few weeks before Black Friday and many are now scouring straight through the dozens of sales flyers that keep on arrival to their mailboxes. Others might be doing their crusade on the web seeing for great deals on the biggest sales day of the year. With Christmas around the corner and the long holiday season ahead, many will be seeing for video cameras to capture costly moments with house and friends. There are very cheap pocket cameras now ready in the market and some are even priced at less than 0. But why bother buy one that may cost thousands of dollars?

Go Pro With a professional Camcorder on Black Friday 2009

The cost of expert camcorder now is not as prohibitive as it was any years ago. These days, you can find high-end camcorders with expert features at cheap prices. The video ability of these camcorders is a lot best than most consumer camcorders and comparable if not best to broadcast cameras. There are also some consumer cameras ready in the market that can be tweaked to simulate professional-type cameras. This class of cameras is best known as prosumer (professional + consumer) camcorders and price may start from ,000. Now may be the right time to consider upgrading to a professional-type camcorder.


Let’s look at some of the features you have to check when you plan to buy a expert camcorder. The first and maybe the most leading feature is it should be capable of Hd or high definition. There are still less costly Sd or suitable definition camcorders ready but to be time to come proof, best consider Hd. Approximately all new video gears ready now are in Hd, from source to display. Most Hd camcorders can anyway also shoot in Sd mode, so it will not be a question if you still need Sd.

The next leading feature of a expert camcorder is optic zoom. The camera should be able to physically zoom to an object rather than just electronically zoom, which produces pixelized images. At the same time, it should also have a focus ring to manually control the camera focus. It would be very hard to control focus straight through a button or a dial. an additional one leading pro feature is manual exposure or the camera should have the ability to manually adjust iris and shutter speed. This is very leading in manufacture the camera work properly in distinct lighting conditions. The last but not the least is the camera should have stereo mic or line inputs, preferrably Xlr (type of expert audio socket). There should also be ready audio level controls, either straight through the menu or volume knobs on the camera body.

Let us now take a look on some expert or prosumer camcorders ready in the market today and their prices. Chances are you will get best deals from the listed prices come Black Friday 2010.

Canon Xl-H1A 3Ccd Hdv High Definition expert Camcorder with 20x Hd Video Zoom Lens Iii

Price: ,799.95

Sony Hvr-Z7U Cmos Hdv expert Video Camcorder w/ 12x optic Zoom

Price: ,499.00

Canon Xh A1S 3Ccd Hdv High-Definition Camcorder with 20x optic Zoom

Price: ,795.00

Sony Hdr-Fx1 3-Ccd Hdv High Definition Camcorder w/ 12x optic Zoom

Price: ,699.95

Sony Hvr-V1U 3-Cmos 1080i expert Hdv Camcorder with 20x optic Zoom

Price: ,193.95

Sony Hdr-Fx1000 Cmos High Definition MiniDv Handycam Camcorder w/ 20x optic Zoom

Price: ,099.99

Panasonic Pro Ag-Hvx200A 3Ccd P2/Dvcpro 1080i High Definition Camcorder with 13x optic Zoom (16Gb P2 Included)

Price: ,499.99

Canon Xh-A1S 3Ccd Hdv High Definition expert Camcorder with 20x Hd Video Zoom Lens Iii

Price: ,399.00

Panasonic Pro Ag-Hmc150 3Ccd Avchd 24fps Camcorder w/ 13x optic Zoom

Price: ,197.00

Sony expert Hvr-A1U Cmos High Definition Camcorder with 10x optic Zoom

Price: ,169.95

Sony Hdr-Fx7 3-Cmos Sensor Hdv High-Definition Handycam Camcorder with 20x optic Zoom

Price: ,999.99

Panasonic expert Ag-Hmc40 Avchd Camcorder with 10.6Mp Stills and 12x optic Zoom

Price: ,995.00

Sony Hvr-Hd1000U MiniDv 1080i High Definition Camcorder with 10x optic Zoom

Price: ,574.00

You may already be planning your camping trip at your beloved store’s parking lot this Balck Friday but buying online could be a best option. Doorbuster deals are not always the cheapest and trying to be the first on the door is some times dangerous. Try checking deals online. It’s less hassle and may even give you the best deal for your dream expert camcorder.

Go Pro With a professional Camcorder on Black Friday 2009